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When it comes to Irish whiskey we are first and foremost whiskey fans. We have hugely diversified since our beginnings at Irish Whiskey Auctions, to address prospective worldwide whiskey investors. We have our finger on the pulse of Irish whiskey both at home in Ireland and throughout the world.

From our base of operations in Dundalk, conveniently located at a centre point of all epicenters of Irish whiskey north and south of the border from Cork to Dublin, from Belfast to the top of Antrim -we are perfectly situated to spot whiskey investment opportunities and industry trends.

We have seen the meteoric rise of the worldwide Irish whiskey sector and with our particular expertise in whiskey, we invest our time, money and funds in achieving the best whiskey investment returns for you, our investors.

Benefits of Investing in Irish Whiskey

Booming Irish Whiskey Industry


Whiskey market growth is being driven by a number of factors, including the growing popularity of whiskey in general, the rise of Irish whiskey tourism and the increasing number of Irish and international Whiskey Brands on the market. One of the most promising is the growing demand for premium and super premium whiskey.

World wide demand for Irish Whiskey

World Wide

Irish Whiskey is the fastest growing spirit in the world, with sales increasing by over 5% each year. The global whiskey market size surpassed USD 165 Billion in 2022 and is anticipated to exhibit a compound annual growth rate of 6.5% from 2023 to 2032.

Hassle-free Irish whiskey ownership


You will have a personal consultant at hand to manage investment funds and opportunities, curating a whiskey portfolio based on your financial goals.

Global Contacts


Our many years in business have gifted us with numerous international contacts in the whiskey business. These partners enable us to source rare bottlings and opportunities to invest in some of the worlds' most sought after bottles, from Irish Whiskey, Scotch , Bourbon and World Spirits, our exclusive contacts will become your profits. Our shipping and logistics expertise , enable us to see an opportunity and act swiftly to secure assets..

Invest in


We, as whiskey fans, have been amassing our own collections over the years, our knowledge and interest in Whiskey has inspired us to set up our own highly successful whiskey business, Irish Whiskey Auctions with a mind to provide whiskey fans with a secondary market to speculate and leverage their liquid. With the Whiskey Hub, our next steps include our Whiskey Investment business to profitise on the worldwide value uplift in spirits. Our expertise in these bottles can be your greatest asset.
From ultra rare NFT's coming on the market to super premium bottles such as the Macallans, the Midleton Silent Distilleries and the upcoming interest in Asian releases, we are best placed to find, attain and store these assets for year on year value increase and growth. Not only can we obtain these high end bottlings we have the connections to broker the sales and smooth the path for our multiple exit strategies.



Derek, Cork

I started a conversation with Whiskey Investment through the Whiskey Hub Contact form, i received a phone call from one of their advisors very promptly talking me through the stages of whiskey investment, they explained the processes quite simply, all questions were answered and advice given freely . I've booked an appointment to discuss the details and begin my investment portfolio.

Derek, Cork

The Smart

Whiskey Investment

"The two biggest determinants in the price of whiskey are culture and age. Like wine, whiskey has a strong attachment to history and place. People tell stories through these bottles and value them for their lineage. The reason why this works with whiskey and wine, and is generally not true for most alcohols, has to do in part with the people who drink it. Since whiskey is prized, rare bottles tend to have a rich and famous pedigree, which makes it so valuable.

This culture also has to do with the underlying alcohol.

Unlike many drinks, whiskey tends to get better with age, which has two effects. First, old bottles remain good. Over 80 years a bottle of whiskey might only get better, while beer or vodka would become an undrinkable curiosity. Second, this makes good whiskey a rare commodity. You can't just brew up a new batch of the very best bottles. Those bottles take decades to reach maturity, making them both expensive and difficult to produce.

Finally, whiskey is a global asset. Wealthy communities in every part of the world want this product, meaning that you have both a wide market in which to find valuable bottles and a strong market for sales.

However, as with all collectible commodities, investing in whiskey is an art rather than a science. You are buying into the story of a bottle and the individual tastes of consumers. To invest in this market you need to understand it. Learn about the history of whiskey as a whole, as well as individual bottles. Invest in bottles that are likely to hold their cultural value as well as their flavor. And be prepared to sit on your purchase for years, since it may take a long time for any given bottle to really appreciate in value." -Eric Reed, Yahoo Finance February 17, 2023

Not only do we purchase these unicorn bottlings to hold on our premises for you while the asset grows in value and increases in maturity, we also advise on the potential to invest in the whiskey market. We can facilitate the investment into companies that distill, create and distribute whiskey as well as in the underlying product itself, e.g Diageo etc.


How Whiskey investment Works

Whiskey Investment buy whiskey

You Buy

In partnership with you ,we prepare An Investment Strategy Statement. This ISS is a document outlining the investment decision making process, including the investment focus (e.g. asset class, market cap, geography), style (e.g. value, growth), risk management, return objectives and time horizon.

Whiskey Investment Whiskey Storage

We Store

Our specialist whiskey storage facilities are utillised to keep your assets safe, we are fully insured, climate controlled, 24 hour security monitored and best placed to attain those hard to find bottles.

Whiskey Investment sell whiskey for profit

You Sell

We discuss in our initial framework document the ISS, at which points we will be ready to realise or reinvest your assets .We have the specific domestic and international contacts to convert these bottles to funds.

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